Monday, October 18, 2010

The Way of My Life

Hmmm, haven't bloggededed for a while. I should be reading the Way of the World. But ya know...

The Vox Lumiere Phantom of the Opera show I was in went quite well. Besides walking on stage about three songs early the first performance, of course.

I went to my first haunted house. Me! Whodda thunk it? But I went and I got scared and had a blast. I do believe that it has more to do with the people you go with than the actual scary stuff that makes it fun. And I was with some fantabulous musical theater friends who let me invade their personal space when I got freaked.

I went to Vegas with my family. Good times. I saw Phantom and actually really loved it! I forget that I actually DO like Webber's Phantom of the Opera when I see it done as a whole production. I just forget sometimes as I hate the movie and I hate it when people sing it who...can't. As I was sitting there, watching Christine and Raoul sing All I Ask of You, I thought about how I used to watch that part when I was a wee child and just knew that that was what I wanted to do when I grew up. Having grown up on Phantom and Les Miz, I enjoyed the nostalgia more than anything.

AAAAAnd I found THE BEST store EVER! It's the Bettie Page clothing store. Now, I love Bettie Page (I probably shouldn't know who she is...but I do) and I love 50's style dresses and that's what it was. I found this dress:
And I looked GOOD in it. I almost bought it, but didn't want to deal with the crap i would get from my dad. Even my mom and my sister thought it too pricey. Sigh. I should have bought it. Maybe I still will...

Let's see...I saw Angels in America at Salt Lake Acting Company last night. The acting was incredible! I didn't really know what to think of the play itself. I liked it, but I didn't understand it. I think I need to read it AND see the sequel.

Life is pretty good over all. The worst thing that happened was losing my date to the stupid Kappa Barn Dance. Blah, and I was really looking forward to going with him. I do believe I am more upset about this than I thought I was. Oh well, I probably just won't go. And I will find something else to do Friday night.

So yes, that's about it for this week. Laters.


  1. I fully support the buying of the dress!!!!!! It's adorable!!! And i'm happy your happy up north even though i miss you tons and tons and want you to mive back!

  2. Oh my, that dress is lovely! I'm glad you're out seeing plays, and I agree with you - Phantom o t O is quite good when it is done by people who are... quite good. ;)